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Finished Van Exterior

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Changing the appearance of the outside of the van was considered to be an important task. As inside turned out better than expected it was decided the outside needed to be be improved massively to keep up the appearance but due to a dwindling budget this was causing a fair few headaches. However, as usual a solution presented itself.

The decison was made to buy some military vehicle paint as its thick, durable and relatively cheap. I would then prep the entire vehicle myself using a variety of sandpapers, filler and a few thousand hours of elbow grease. Okay, I exaggerate but it did feel like it. After the entire van was sanded and the rust spots were primed I considered painting the van the old fashion way using a roller. I really wasn’t keen on this idea! As luck as have it I have a contact who said if I could get the van to them all prepped and supply the paint, then they could run a sprayer over it for me. After all of this the entire prep and paint job cost less than £200. Result hey!!

After this it was a case of repainting all the plastic bumpers with plasti-dip rubber paint (I love this stuff) and neatening up the ladder and roof rack with some black metal paint.

The final touch after the paintwork was the tyres. After a load of searching i found some cool all terrain tyres made by Toyo. This would mean I wouldn’t have to worry when taking the van off road and doing some real wild camping. The tyres are Toyo Open Country A/T   215/65/r16 and they’re awesome for a reasonable price. I painted the standard steel wheels and added some white paint to the tyre lettering, for the one and only reason that it just looks cool.

I am very happy with the result. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


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  1. David ellis

    Looks awesome mate well done

    January . 01 . 18

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