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Introduction To The Van

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So here it is. The van which will serve the purpose of being my mobile living quarters whilst going on adventures. A 2008 Vauxhall Movano, long wheel base, high top. The Van has 110,000 miles on it and drives superbly, largely due to being owned by a mechanic friend who rebuilt the engine. The van had a new MOT (with no advisories) and a full service so was good to go.

The plan

Ok, so the van is a mess,. After years of abuse and transporting oily car parts it is in need of some serious TLC, the front cab in particular. The seats are a mess and the whole thing is filthy, it’s certainly in need of a good scrub but, beyond this, has huge potential.









The plan is to strip out the front and refurbish it to a higher standard. Ideally I don’t want to spend a lot on this part so will have to find a realistic solution. Watch this space.

The main load space of the van will be totally stripped out back to its bare metal ready to start fresh. If all goes to plan, when completed, the back will be fully insulated, have a full double bed, a cooker, sink and hopefully plenty of storage. Power will mainly be provided by solar, this way I can stay off the grid for extended periods without giving up too many of my modern comforts.

The project  will be done to a high standard and at minimal cost. I have made the plans so it’s time to get out the tools and get going.



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